Terms of Service

These Terms of Service includes terms how to use social renting service Sisurent (later “Service”).

  • Service provider (later ”Sisurent” or “Service provider”)
    • Social renting service Sisurent (Tuima Vision)
    • Tax ID FI19983908
  • Service user (later ”User”)
    • Person who uses Social renting Service Sisurent site.
  • Service client (laster ”Client”)
    • Registered user

These Terms of Service are valid when User starts to use Service.

Service user agrees to these Terms of Service.

1. Service

Social renting service Sisurent is digital renting platform where renters and owners (lessor) can find each other and rent and provide goods.

Sisurent includes it’w own services and it’s users content. Sisurent offers to use it’s renting contract, but doesn’t promise that it fits to User’s need. Renting contract patrners are always  between two Users, Service provider is not a partner.

Service provider does not promise that Users find searched rental item from Service.

Service provider does not promise that all user wishes are fulfilled or that Service works faultless or it is free from errors. Service provider is not liable to pay damages if Service is down or faulty.

Service provider has rights to make changes to Service which may lead to need for new hardware, software or telecommunication connections. Service provider best intention is  to tell all future changes as soon as possible. User is obliged to make all changes in own expense. Service Provider has rights to change Service ‘s structure, body, software, hardware etc. Changes come into effect as soon as they are implemented.

Data traffic from User computer to Service Provider server is entirely SSL/HTTPS encrypted.  Personal identifiable information is never captured by third parties without authorization. Service breaks are possible during maintaining Service. Intention is always to inform about service breaks. However, Service Provider is not liable to pay damages that may be caused to user because of service breaks.

2. Users

Service user is everybody that uses service.

User can work in two roles – owner or renter. It is also possible to work in both roles at the same time.  In addition, user can be

  • A private person
  • A company
  • Association (with tax ID)

When User registers to Service he will become Client and his data is registered to customer register. Service provider has rights to change areas of service that have been free to only available to registered users.

During registration process, service provider creates to User personal or company based usernames. User can also use Social Login -options like Facebook or Twitter, if Service supports this. If this is the case, User is told, what data is sent to Service and permission is asked from User. Sisurent is only interested in name, email and phone number. Social media account profile image is also sent to Service. But you can change it from public profile settings.

After the registration process, User is engaged to keep user log in data in safe place and is responsible to do this. Service provider is not responsible if personal data is leaked to 3rd party using User’s log in data. If user has forget his password, there is possible to get new password to user’s email. User is engaged to inform Service provider if login data has end up to 3rd party. Service provider has also rights to change password if there is reason to do this.

2.1. User reviews

When rental item is returned, users will review each other in scale one to five stars. Ideal situation is always that rental went well and both give five stars.

Review must be made by User himself. Language and content must be proper, and text must be legal. Review must not include personal features, and content must not include anything that hurts privacy. Hypertext links are not allowed to use. Review must not include any comparison to other businesses. Trade mark or patent infringement must not happen. User is juridically responsible if his review is illegal.

Service provider will check that reviews are proper before publishing them and holds the rights to fix grammar. Service provider is engaged not to edit subject matter. Service provider has rights to delete user review by any reason. Reviews do not represent views of the service provider. Service provider is not responsible of any damage (income lost , reputation lost ) that reviews may lead to. Service provider has rights to use material created by reviewers, to hand over it, analyze it, to or to use it in some other way. User grants service provider irreversible, non copyright and transferable rights to his materials.

2.2. User Rights

Service users have right to browse Service content, create new content and make rental contracts with other users, send messages, write reviews, and use Service all the other ways as Service provider has meant. User has not rights to pass or transfer his license (credentials and other private IDs) to 3rd party.

2.3. Search Tool

Using the Servive it is possible to search a rental target. Search toll makes it possible to filter search to certain area by inputting location and range, or some other parameters. Search tool makes it possible to search users too. Service provider has rights to order rental targets on the way he wants. User can make his visibility better by buying rental as featured to homepage, category or to sub category.  User reviews are also used as parameter to order search results.

3. Content

3.1. General Information about Content

Content can be mean material published in Service by Service provider, User or 3rd party. Content can include text, images, links, rental posts, requests, Clients public profiles, questions or some other similar information.

Service provider does not promise that information in Service would be real, up-to-date or juridically true.

3.2. Content Created by Users

User corresponds that he has copyright and all the other rights to material used in Service. User must have all the right also to material that is transferred using the service. User can be liable to compensate, if he violates 3rd party rights or gives wrong data intentionally.

Service provider has right to use, hand over, analyze, compile statistics and use other way the material created by Users.

User grants Service provider all the current and future economical rights to material, but User right to his materials remains same. Service provider does not pass rights to 3rd party. Service provider has rights to edit material if needed. Material in Service is not allowed to use without the permission from the User or Service provider.

User is not allowed to sent or link to material that violates the user rights or 3rd party rights other way. User is not allowed cause data traffic to Service that outputs service breaks or interference. User is responsible to all this kind of damage.

Service provider does not correspond content’s quality (also 3rd party links) or that it is valid, if Service provider has not created content. Service provider has right to not publish or delete Service content, if it is not valid or violates 3rd party.

User has right to delete or request to delete content he has created to Service. However, service provider has no rights to delete user reviews if they are legit.

3.3 Public Profile

Users can create profile page after registration  where they can market their services to potential renters. If user wants to be anonymous in Service and use only nick name, this is possible. However, user id is checked during rental process.

Users correspond all the data they have inputted to their profile. Service provider has rights to delete improper content.

3.4.Owners and Renters postings

Owners can post rental targets, where they describe clearly what they are renting. Different renter targets must be separated to their own categories and subcategories. If category or subcategory is missing, User should inform Service provider. In addition, area or city must be inputted to make it possible to find rental targets on right area.

user corresponds that the posted data is valid. Service provider has right to not publish content that violates 3rd party. In addition, post must include if rental target has some glitches. If target is expensive and scratches are not wanted, User should photoshoot target before rental. This makes it possible to tell later are scrathes old or new.

Renter can order rental targets using platform. Sisurent provides rental contract that can be used freely. Contract parties are owner and renter. Sisurent is not 3rd party in contract. Sisurent can prefill conract data. Contract can be finished by signing it physically or digitally using dobe Readerin Sign functions. Sisurent recommends to use Adobe Reader Sign.

Renter can post rental request where it is described the rental target, category, sub category, location and min and max pricess.

Travel compensation is possible when rental item is delivered to renter. When posting rental item, it is smart to provide extra where you set price to travel compensation.

3.5 Vacation Mode

If User wants to take a break of providing rental service, he can set vacation mode on from My Account. It can be used when

  • User is on vacation
  • User is busy
  • Rental items are not available
  • User is temporarily unavailable
  • User has some other reason

3.6. Communication

Service provides private chat and User reviews. Service provider is not responsible of communication that has caused harm to other User or 3rd party.

Service provider has rights to read, save and analyze all the messages that is sent to Service to make Service better and to make sure that terms of service are not violated.


4. Prices, Payments and Terms 

Service provider charges Users according effective prices. VAT 24 % is always included. Renters pay solid payment 1,5 € which is added to order. Owners is payed “rental price – (service fee percent *  rental price)”. Service fee percent is 6 – 12 percent depending on rental target price and user level. User levels are explained here.

Registration process is always free. Also sending messages to other user is free. The service fee is only collected during order process. Pay term is 14 days. Late payment interest is defined by law. Invoice is always at least 2,5 €.

If User payment is late more than 30 days, Service Provider has rights to hold service as long as User has payed all the invoices with extra (late payment interest and service fee of extra invoice).

Service Provider holds rights to change Service prices and terms, but not to orders that are already going on. If some order cannot be executed, User will be contacted and payment will be returned.

Sisurent does not supervise the paying of taxes, but remember that taxes must be payed. Tax deductions are also possible. Tax collector instruction about sharing economy.

4.1. Sisurent credits

Sisurent credits are Service’s inner money. It’s currency is € and by law it is like gift card. VAT is added when credits are used to buy service.

Logged in User sees credits in right upper corner. Credits can be used as payment to all Sisurent services and as payment when renting targets. Credits never get old (only if Sisurent Service is terminated or user terminates his account).  Credits can be withdrawn (minimum 2,5 €). This are ways too get more credits:

  • By buying more credits using top up feature
  • If payment is less than 2.5 €, remaining difference will be translated to credits
    • This happens, because minimum payments is 2,5 €
  • Affiliate program
    • If your friend register using your affiliate link, you collect certain percent of their service fee
  • Sisurent donates credits

5. Confidentiality

Users may not to resend private messages, emails or other private content. Service provider does not hand over Users data to 3rd party. User’s private data inputted to profile is only used in rental contract or when generating bills. Asking personal ID is legal in rental business to identify person. However, ID is never saved to system.

6. Data Reservation

User profile data, user rental posts and other activities (like reviews) are retained at least as long as User is registered to Service. If User wants to delete his account, Service Provider may retain his reviews data anonymously.

7. Service Rights and Copyright

Service content is protected by Finnish law and by international contracts. All rights (including copyright) are reserved.

User has no rights resend content or other way to violate Service provider rights.

User has no rights to duplicate whole Service, or part of Service.

8. Damage Compensation and Limitation of Liability

Service contains links and connections to 3rd party web sites. These services have 3rd party term of services, therefore Service provider is not liability.

Service provider is not responsible of damages and delays, which result from force majeure. Strike, block or other industrial action are force majeure. Also, Service provider is not responsible, if it uses outsourcing or 3rd party which encounters force majeure.

Damage compensation in every situation to User is max 6 times per average sum charged per month.

Service provider is not 3rd party between contracts signed between users. Service provider only provides platform to post and order rentals and handle payments. Service provider is not responsible of reviews between users.

Service provider does not promise that business is verified (via prepayment, trade and VAT registers), if it is not proved by purchasing business verification. If it is purchased, data is shown in public profile. Service provider does not correspond 3rd party telecommunications between Service provider server and User’s client.

User is responsible to compensate damage that is caused because of user actions.

Renter must be careful handling rental target. Renter is responsible of scratches that are not caused because of common usage. Home insurance compensate usually damages to few thousand euros max. Most valuable rentar target can be insured separately. It is not meaningful which party has taken the insurance. Legal protection insurance may also be used to get ready for possible conflict.

Ready-made Sisurent rental contract may be used. However, service provider is not party in contract. All complaints must present to the User that contract is signed with.

9. Other Terms

Service provider has rights to transfer this Contract to 3rd party. Service provider has also right to transfer this Service claim to 3rd party.

Service provider has rights to change these terms of service by informing about change in Service website. New terms are valid not until month after informing about them.

Conflicts are primary solved by negotiation. Finland law is applied. If negotiation is not enough, conflict is resolved in Oulu Disctrict Court.

Service provider may inform Users about the Service, it’s changes, cooperation partners discounts and products, and rental posts. Informations notes can be sent to communication instruments that user has defined, like email, phone number and private messages via Service. Users may also contacted because of inquiry or investigation.

10. Terminating the Service

If user wants to terminate Service, he should inform Service provider by sending email to info[ät]Sisurent.com. User dismissal time is 14 days.

When user terminates contract and removes his profile, all the reviews and rental posts are terminated too. However, Service provider may contain reviews data anonymously.

After termination of contract, Copyright and all the other rights are valid as long as they are meaningful. All the payments that are created before termination of contract, are also valid. If User has violated contact, Service Provider has rights not to grant User new usage to Service.

Service provider has right to stop providing Service to user and remove all the material he has provided, if User violates rights, or his business is placed under investigation, or is in bankruptcy or is convicted of a crime, or does not pay his invoices after 7 days of reminder invoice.

Service provider has right to delete all the material from Service, if User disturbs other users, or does not provide sufficient quality by his rental service.

Service provider has rights to terminate Sisurent Service fully or partly. Service Provider must inform about this as soon as possible. User has rights to get back money back from that part where payments are targeted to time period after Service is terminated.